LED Lighting – join the bright future

As a business we are committed to reducing our own carbon footprint and to working with our clients to reduce theirs. Switching to LED lighting can reduce impact on the environment, help to achieve carbon reduction commitments and improve the working environment. As LED lighting is more energy efficient, cost-effective and durable than existing standard filament, halogen and fluorescent strip lights it can also produce significant energy, cost and CO2 savings.

 Switching to LED makes commercial sense

Lighting accounts for a significant percentage electricity consumption at most commercial premises. Switching to LED lighting can yield a saving of between 60% and 90% of lighting costs, quickly recouping the necessary investment. Migrating commercial lighting to LED  lighting can reduce maintenance costs –  LED lights on average last 50 000 hours – 42 000 hours more than traditional bulbs – which speeds up pay back.

Examples of real savings that have been achieved at our own premises and for some of our clients.


Our Head Office


Thetford warehouse


Windsor Minton Place (offices)


Hedera Road, Redditch (offices)

Current energy costs per year


£801 £19 069 £7 164 £12 188
New energy costs per year


£267 £7 454 £3 781 £6 262
Energy savings per year


£534 £11 614 £3 383 £5 925
Payback period (months)


23.4 9.3 25.4 21.8
Additional replacement lamp and labour cost savings £237 £6 945 £2 899 £6 770


Redditch offices before and after

Switch to LED for happy tenants

In terms of keeping tenants happy, LED lighting produces more natural warm light than traditional lighting and less noise and heat. Commercially switching makes sense and everyone wins.

Switching is easy

LED lighting can also be retrofitted to normal office lighting, so there is no need to replace your traditional lighting fixtures. LED lighting is available in all forms, including:

  • Standard desk top lamps
  • Light bulbs
  • Spot lights
  • Office strip/tube lights (varying lengths)
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Car park lighting
  • Street lighting
  • Bespoke requirements

 As project and maintenance contractors we provide a range of services from supply only to complete project management and will work with you to prepare the best option for your specific business needs and for reducing your carbon footprint.

We can help you by providing:

  • A complete audit of your entire commercial premise(s) and a detailed report highlighting inefficiencies
  • An initial pilot scheme completely free of charge to demonstrate your specific savings
  • Replace the old incandescent and halogen light bulbs
  • Installation of your new lighting by our experienced technicians
  • Full disposal of your defunct lamps, fittings and bulbs to WEEE standards
  • Full warranties on all of our products

For further advice about switching to environmentally friendly commercial LED lighting and reducing your carbon footprint please get in touch.