Get Compliant: Lightning Conductor Inspection and Testing

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May to September is typically the peak time for lightning in most of the UK. Thankfully the chances of a lightning strike are rare even during this time, but it is still advisable to protect your building and its electrical systems from preventable damage.



Do you need to check lightning protection at your commercial property?

Lightning protection guidance is laid out in BS EN 62305.

BS EN 62305-3 sets out the requirements for protecting buildings, and their occupants, by implementing a lightning protection system (LPS) and provides guidance for its maintenance and inspection.

BS EN 62305-4 provides guidance for the design, installation and maintenance of surge protection measures (SPM) for buildings’ electrical and electronic systems, which can reduce the risk of permanent failures due to lightning electromagnetic impulse (LEMP).

To comply with both these section of  BSEN 62305, LPS and SPMs should be inspected and tested annually. However, for best practice the date of inspection should vary year on year to allow for the differing climatic conditions etc. so it is advisable to test every 11 months ensuring that over a period of twelve years, the systems will have been tested in every month of the year.

It’s not a legal requirement to have lightning protection however some building insurances require the testing and certification to be in place and the lack of the same may invalidate your insurance. Also, the Electricity at Work Regulations, which aim to prevent death or injury to any person from electrical causes while working or in a work environment, will apply to most businesses and therefore, to keep your building and those using it happy and safe, it’s worth investing in regular testing.


We can help you fulfil your obligations

We can help you to keep your building compliant and the people in it happy and safe, including carrying out regular testing of lightning protection systems and surge protection measures. The simplest way to ensure that you comply with all the Maintenance Essentials is to put a Darenth Valley planned and preventative maintenance agreement in place.

If you would like to discuss lighting and surge protection or putting a PPM agreement in place please contact Alex Tait our Business Development Manager.


Do our Happy Building Health Check

We’ve identified 12 areas of essential maintenance for keeping commercial property compliant and created a Happy Building Health Check chart. If compliance is your responsibility download it and check that your building complies.

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