About us

D Hammond Ltd is an established contractor with many years of experience specialising in managing and carrying out commercial refurbishment projects.

We will always tailor our approach to the needs of the project, the client and the professional team.

We operate from our Westend office in London.

Clients use us for one off projects, and most use us for one project after another. Projects can vary in value from a few pounds to over £500,000.00.

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How can we help you?

The company operates as a main contractor alongside your professional team to manage the delivery of the construction phase of your refurbishment project.

Clients enjoy a number of benefits by employing Hammonds. Amongst these is the peace of mind that their project will achieve a high quality handover, as we will coordinate the tightly programmed specialist finishing trades.

You will also hit your critical dates. During the programme of the project our enthusiastic, knowledgeable and motivated team will provide constructive advice to achieve the best value and most appropriate solutions to the challenges of the project, both planned and unplanned.

In additional your project will not be remembered for disrupting your neighbours. Our experience of working in occupied areas or difficult locations, and managing neighbours will make sure your project is as seamless and stress free as possible.

If you would like to speak to a previous client, visit work in progress or see a completed project we'd be delighted to arrange it, please call.